Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Hollywood Reporter's Roundtable at the Toronto International Film Festival and I Got an Answer to My Question For Jessica Chastain!

Imagine my surprise when an offline and Facebook friend tagged me in a video featuring actress Jessica Chastain, star of the new movie, "The Martian" with Matt Damon. This weekend is the Toronto International Film Festival, #TIFF and The Hollywood Reporter has set up a Fan Q&A where fans of movies and movie stars get to post questions for celebrities attending this event. If fans are lucky, they may get their questions answered from said celebrity via a video. I personally think this is a cool idea and a way to have moviegoers interact with celebrities, if only for a few seconds. to have it on video is a major plus. Chastain became a personal favorite due to two motion pictures I went to see; "Zero Dark Thirty" and "The Help." She has a pretty impressive list of accomplishments in the period of her young life - she's not even 40 yet -so I thought posting a question to her, as well as other celebrities, would not hurt. I've posted questions on threads before involving live talks with actors, including Oscar winner Kevin Costner, who also replied to my questions. It's not that I've never interviewed a work in freelancing has blessed me with many encounters over the last 20+ years. And even before I became a journalist, I've been blessed since childhood to 'rub shoulders' with some notable people who come into my hometown of Gary, In. And I personally know some Gary natives in the business - it goes beyond the Jackson family, trust me. So this is just a fan moment for me. No freelancing, just fun like the pre-journalism days. Here is the link to the video courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter and if you want to participate, visit their FB page. #THR, #TIFF #THRAtTIFF

Friday, March 21, 2014

Is This the End(of Scandal)?

Last night, the patrons of Shondaland gasped in horror...or collected their waging bets when the whiny yet lovable James Novak was struck in the back while trying to run from B613's Command and DIY assassin Jake Ballard, answering last week's cliffhanger question, #WhoGotShot? We were given an episode of flashbacks in memory of James and witnessed his two-face husband Cyrus deal with the reality that he is the lowest of the low of marital spouse and yet we felt for him as he literally broke down better than Florida Evans.
In between the memorial - because something tells me next week's funeral is going to be short and sweet because Shonda does not have time to devote another hour about James when the season finale is April 17 - we witnessed more gunning down thanks to Mama Pope who is showing out, but not done yet.
Mellie got her groove back with former lover and Vice-President candidate Andrew Nichols. Huck and Quinn became Huckleberry Quinn in a way that will be FOREVER burned in my brain.
(I can't even put a picture of that moment on this blog. Shudders) Jake THREATENED Olivia when it was confirmed that he did all those bad things. This tops Quinn's threat to Olivia with the gun. Who really has the stronger grip on Liv? And will Fitz find out about the threat and handle Jake? Or tell Jake, 'do what you gotta do, bro!'
Oh and David is a bitch. Yep I'm mad that he survived. However, the title of this blog is, Is This the End of Scandal? I mean, the season finale is April 17, the eve before Good Friday and the kickoff to Easter weekend. So much has been happening so far, I wonder if Shonda's throwing hints. This season has to wrap up in a neat package, but we all know that's not happening. Plus the networks have announced the renewals of various shows. I've yet to hear if Scandal is returning for a fourth season. Shonda was interviewed last year and the subject matter was of course, Scandal. And she also answered that she knows when Scandal will end. Here is the link to that interview that you can copy and paste. 20131107_me_03.mp3 Either way, the remaining episodes of Season 3 will have us clutching pearls, throwing shoes and falling out with bottles of wine in our hands. And cursing Shonda Rhimes for making us fall hard for her monsters and murderers. And heading back to Scandal Rehab just before Easter. Lord knows we will need some cleansing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's been a while...again. BUT I HAVE A NEW NOVEL!!

Pulling up my blog, Freelancer's Funk and I notice the last time I posted a blog was in December. Like mid-December. I know, I know, PATHETIC. But hey, it's been pretty busy. OK, not so busy. A quick update on what's been going on. The date after my last post, I ended up with an infection in my left leg and on antibiotics for ten days. Thought it was all over, but the pain was unbearable. I went to the E.R. on New Year's Day(way to bring in 2014) and ended up admitted for three full days. Then I get released and the first of four, bipolar snowstorms and a Polar Vortex began. So recuperating and digging up the car and house through February took over my life. Thankful to God for all of the recuperation. Now on to a more important entry...
On March 3, my solo debut as an author happened! After tweaking on this seven-year-old manuscript, I finally decided to publish it myself. And that would not have happened if my sister had not sent me a link to a competition from Amazon. While I did not meet the contest deadline, I went on and checked out and decided to finish the manuscript and do the free publishing kit the site offered. I have received numerous congratulations and people have purchased a copy. "Dead Lies" is a crime drama regarding a newspaper correspondent who covers a murder but somehow gets deeper into the mystery of the murder than he cares to. Is it inspired by my work as a correspondent? Somewhat. Is it based on a true story? Totally fiction. I had a ball revising it and I hope you will support and buy copies for your enjoyment. Dead Lies by Miss Lisa D. DeNeal Link:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The 2014 Golden Globe Nominations Are Here!

The 2014 Golden Globe Nominations Are Here!

Yes, early this morning while I was still sleep, the 2014 Golden Globes nominations were announced. Congratulations to all the nominees including Kerry Washington for Best Actress in her role as 'Olivia Pope' in the ABC hit, "Scandal...

And that's pretty much it for Best Drama nomination. Even her co-stars, many well deserving of a nomination, did not even get a head nod in their direction.
Actor Don Cheadle earned a Best Actor in a TV Series Comedy nomination for "House of Lies."

Lee Daniels' "The Butler" was snubbed for any nominations. Michael B. Jordan, who starred in "Fruitvale Station" was also snubbed for Best Actor, Drama. However, "12 Years a Slave" received quite a few...

John Ridley earned a Best Screenplay nomination for "12 Years a Slave..."

Hans Zimmer(above pic) earned a Best Original Score nomination for "12 Years a Slave,"

Director Steve McQueen earned a Best Director nomination for "12 Years a Slave" and  actor Chiwetel Ejiofor received a Best Actor in a Drama for "12 Years a Slave." "12 Years..." also earned a Best Motion Picture, Drama nomination, Lupita Nyong earned Best Supporting Actress and  Michael Fassbender earned a Best Supporting Actor nom for "12 Years..."

Other nominees include Best Supporting Actor Barkhad Abdi for "Captain Phillips," Alex Heffes(Best Original Score) for "Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom,"  "Ordinary Love" from the film, "Mandela," earned a Best Original Song nomination. Idris Elba earned a Best Actor, Drama, for "Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom."

Congratulations to all of the nominees!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PASH Foundation's A Culinary Affair Nov. 14 in Hollywood Hills, CA. in Support of Alzheimer's Awareness Month

I do not know Nikki Hoard. But one of her sources reached out to me to request help in getting the word out about "A Culinary Affair" PASH Foundation fundraiser event to raise awareness about Alzheimer's Disease. PASH Foundation founder Hoard's mother died from Early Onset Alzheimer's in 2009 at age 60. Her mother was diagnosed at age 54. I automatically connected with this due to my oldest sister being diagnosed in 2005 at 53. My sister is still with us but my family and I know struggle and challenges. This event takes place Thursday, Nov. 14 in Hollywood Hills, CA. Even if you cannot physically be there, you can donate. I am passing the information on. PicMonkey banner1 We invite you to join "A CULINARY AFFAIR" food & wine pairing event. This is an Exclusive event sponsored by PASH Entertainment & Cooking With Coetry to support the PASH Foundation for November's NATIONAL ALZHEIMER'S AWARENESS Month. Currently, there are OVER 5 MILLION AMERICANS diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States & the only cause of death among the top 10 in the United States that CANNOT be prevented, cured or even slowed. The PASH Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support & resources primarily to the families & people diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s, as well as Alzheimer patients. Please support National Alzheimer's Awareness Month and continue helping us to fund research to find a cure. PARTY 4 A PURPOSE ~ A CULINARY AFFAIR!
A Culinary Affair ~ Party 4 A Purpose *** NOVEMBER 14, 2013. THURSDAY @ 7:30PM. Reserve you seat now (limited seating) for the ultimate dining experience. ONE NIGHT ONLY! On Thursday, come enjoy a Very Exclusive Intimate evening of "Cooking with Coetry" ~ A Culinary Affair ~ with Culinary Enthusiast, Chef Coe, where he will present "sensory experience" of food & wine and the arts of poetry & jazz, for a special group of guests. Guests can prepare to be astounded with a spectacular (4) course cuisine & wine pairing, where each course uniquely reveals the beauty and mystery of the wines. When appropriately paired, food & wine have the ability to enhance each other’s flavors, making them more pronounced, rendering the entire tasting experience a more satisfying and enjoyable one. Chef Coe's delicacies are of ingredients simply prepared with time honored techniques and accentuated with organic produce, fresh herbs, local ranch raised meats and fresh Pacific seafood. So come join us for A Culinary Affair and dine like a star in the Hollywood Hills, with a gourmet (4) course cuisine, wine, live jazz, live art, and a little "Coetry".
LOCATION: Castle The location of ~ A Culinary Affair ~ will take place at a private Castle located in Hollywood Hills, Ca. Guests can enjoy fine dining while enjoying breathtaking 360 degree views of the stunning Los Angeles skyline. Due to this being a very exclusive event, with various celebs & attendees, the exact location will be given only to guests that make a reservation.
Culinary Affair Dining Experience (4) Course Cuisine All courses will be paired with a wine Lobster Crab Cakes with 2 sauces, a sweet & spicy aioli, and a citrus mango avocado sauce + wine pairing Arugula Salad with red & golden beets, almonds, cranberry goat cheese, & balsamic vinaigrette dressing + wine pairing Choice of either + wine pairing (1) Filet Mignon 4oz with a Fig & Burgundy wine sauce, Peruvian purple potatoes, & asparagus (2) New Zealand Red Snapper 4oz with a lemon herb sauce, red quinoa, heirloom tomatoes, & broccolini Pumpkin Rum Spice Cake with homemade pumpkin ice cream & a caramel sauce + wine pairing VEGETARIAN dishes are available upon special request & no additional cost. After the event, if there was a particular wine that you enjoyed from the wine pairings, guests will also have the option of purchasing a bottle of wine from $10-20. RESERVATIONS ONLY EVENT WHEN: Thursday, November 14th 2013 TIME: 7:30-10pm WHERE: Castle, Hollywood Hills, CA (exact address given with Reservation confirmation) ATTIRE: Theme: Hollywood Glam ~ Black & White attire only Men: Upscale Business (jacket & slacks required) Ladies: Cocktail Dress (pearls, diamonds, etc GLAM) *** Reservations INDIVIDUAL RESERVATION ~ Click on the link below to make your reservation ~ This event will fill up fast. LIMITED SEATING! Reserve Now! You must be at least 21 years of age to attend. By making a reservation you are legally agreeing that you are at least 21 years of age. Reservation - $75 FILET MIGNON main course Reservation - $75 RED SNAPPER main course Reservation - $85 BOTH/ FILET MIGNON & RED SNAPPER main course COUPLE Reservation Options: SAVE 20% $120 - (4) Course Dinner + Wine Pairing - Choice of Main Course - Filet Mignon (or) Red Snapper $135 - (4) Course Dinner + Wine Pairing - Includes (2) BOTH Main Courses - (2)Filet Mignon 4oz & (2)Red Snapper 4oz food5 COUPLE RESERVATION ~ Click on the link below to make your reservation ~ You & your guest must be at least 21 years of age to attend. By making a reservation you are legally agreeing that both are at least 21 years of age. Reservation - $120 (1)FILET MIGNON & (1)RED SNAPPER main course Reservation - $120 (2)FILET MIGNON main course Reservation - $120 (2)RED SNAPPER main course Reservation - $135 BOTH (2)FILET MIGNON & (2)RED SNAPPER main course After the event, if there was a particular wine that you enjoyed from the wine pairings, guests will also have the option of purchasing a bottle of wine from $10-20. After the event, if there was a particular wine that you enjoyed from the wine pairings, guests will also have the option of purchasing a bottle of wine from $10-20. *** Pash_foundation logo November is National Alzheimer's Awareness Month ~PARTY WITH A PURPOSE~ A portion of the event proceeds will go to the PASH Foundation. The PASH Foundation is a foundation dedicated to providing financial support & resources primarily to the families & people diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s, as well as Alzheimer patients. donate button DONATIONS Can I Donate If I Am Unable To Attend? Please click on the donate button If you are passionate as we are about supporting National Alzheimer's Awareness Month and are unable to attend our event, and would still LOVE to support, please feel free to donate to the PASH Foundation. Donations of $25 or more will automatically receive a "Cooking With Coetry" Souvenir event wine glass autographed by Chef Coe himself. The PASH Foundation thanks you for your support! Questions: Please email us at *** SILENT AUCTION & GIFT BAGS: If you and/or your company have a product/service and would like to donate at this exclusive event, we are offering opportunities for a silent auction & gift bags. Why should you donate? Guests attending will be an elite group of industry professionals, celebs, executives, and food & wine connoisseur & you would be supporting a great foundation. The PASH Foundation thanks you for your contribution! sponsor logo auction *** Our sponsors cookingwithcoetry logo Pash_ fella logo *Tickets are non-refundable ©2013 Beautiful People Party Group | 12115 Magnolia Blvd ste 24, valley village, ca 91607

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And The Doctor is In! Gary, IN's own Dr. Rachael L. Ross a new host on syndicated medical show, "The Doctors."

When I first met Dr. Rachael L. Ross, I interviewed her on an idea she came up with that brought relief to menstrual cramps. Needless to say it was not followed all the way through and a couple years later, adhesive heating pouches were invented and sold in stores. While conducting the interview that resulted in this latest story, Ross and I laughed from our guts about that moment. It's all good; she is doing it big as the new co-host of the syndicated show, "The Doctors." and she is still a practicing family physician at her family's clinic in Gary. Read my story in today's Post-Tribune and like The Doctors fan page on Facebook, as well as Ross' fan page, Dr. Rachael and show her some love. Visit for airing times and listings in your area.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It is two days after the 2013 Emmy Awards, which I heard was not cute at all so I am glad I avoided it. The good news for me is post-Emmy there's a slew of new dramas on various networks and I am trying to catch every single one. I am not talking about the reality TV shows, I'm talking well-scripted, well-written one hour dramas and suspense that will likely have me wound up like a paranoid person seconds before someone sneaks up and lightly taps her shoulder. The new and returning dramas started a week before the Emmys with the premiere of FOX's "Sleepy Hollow." This latest rendition of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman leans toward the Bible's Book of Revelations with Ichabod returning to the now modern but still creepy Sleepy Hollow and partners with a police lieutenant played by actress Nicole Beharie("42")who as a child along with her now institutionalized sister, seen figures of demons that has a connection with the Headless Horseman. This series has a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" twist to it and two episodes in I am loving it. And Tom Mison is a very hot looking Ichabod Crane. Next is the revamping of a classic TV drama. Veteran TV, Film, Stage actor and bestselling author, Blair Underwood heads the cast of NBC's "Ironside" playing the title role, Robert T. Ironside. Originally aired in 1967 with the late Raymond Burr in the title role, this new version is updated in many ways. You can watch the pilot episode on and other sites as the official premiere is next Wednesday, Oct. 2. NBC and CBS are apparently fighting over viewership numbers as they bring it with two exciting dramas Monday nights at 10/9 p.m. First there's NBC's "The Blacklist" starring James Spader. "The Blacklist" stars James Spader as a bad boy...what he is very, very good at playing. He is on the FBI's Most Wanted List and he literally walks inside FBI headquarters and surrenders. But of course, Spader's character has a reason for doing this. He only wants to communicate with a newly hired FBI profiler who is trying to start a family. What unfolds are a series of surprises that kept me on the edge of my seat, and it is only the pilot episode! Chicago born actor Harry Lennix also stars in this thriller. Meanwhile, CBS is airing a new thriller, "Hostages" on the same time slot on Mondays. I watched this thriller starring actors Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette, on this morning and my mouth dropped in just about every scene. Collette plays a renowned surgeon chosen to operate on the President of the United States. Cool, right? Yeah, well McDermott's character - who is with the FBI - or is he? - also chose Collette's character to do something for him. Kill the President during surgery. Why? Don't know yet, but already into the pilot some secrets have spilled in Collette's character's family...whom by the way, will die if she does not kill the President. Yeah, you need to catch "Hostages" either on Demand or I also look forward to ABC's "Betrayal," "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland." While I am thrilled with these new shows, I also can't wait for my returning favorites. And the bad news is I have to juggle these. CBS' "Person of Interest" has been moved from its popular Thursday slot to Tuesdays starting tonight at 10/9 p.m. NBC's "Chicago Fire" has been moved from Wednesdays at 8 p.m. to Tuesdays at what time? 10/9 p.m. You two networks are ticking me off for that. It will be a good season. And as long as ABC keeps Scandal on Thursday nights at 10/9 p.m. I won't snap. Check out another blogger as she speaks about old school stars and such re-appearing in the new school. Val Boaten and her blog,