Monday, December 10, 2012

We'll See How This Goes

Betcha didn't know I had a Blog, huh? Yeah well neither did I. What I mean is...I have this blog but hardly, rarely submit any thoughts. OK, so it slips my mind. But I hope to make writing blogs a consistent event. After being reminded for the gazillionth time to create a blog...a certain fellow journalist did a verbal kick under the table...I figure I give it another try. Will it focus on TV and Entertainment? Maybe. Books and Writing? Possibly. Life in General? Hmmm... I named this blog page Freelancer's Funk with the subtitle "Lines, Lines & More Lines." And that is just what you may get out of me. In the meantime, I have two books; "Unflappable" and "The Panthers Club." "Unflappable" can be found at The Panthers Club is on With Christmas coming in two weeks, this can be a great stocking stuffer. Many have their own copies and recently after doing a writing presentation for a class of adult students, thanks to Ivy Tech College, eight students won one of eight books purchased. So you all need to get on the bandwagon, because as a freelancer we hustle and hustle hard. And as writers, we have great published stories available to you and you can meet us in person. Don't wait until a TV or a movie deal happens and you're thinking 'I should have purchased "Unflappable" and "The Panthers Club" when I had the chance!' Don't get left out in the fun.

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