Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Newest Cable Original TV Series Obsession, "The Bridge."

FX has done it again with another original series, "The Bridge." Since "Scandal" is not holding its season 3 premiere until the first Thursday in October...plus I've pretty much been in Scandal Rehab since that CRAZY season finale, I have been hunting down cable shows and originals on Netflix for drama. But when I heard about this new FX show, "The Bridge" on Wednesday nights I thought, 'this may be interesting.' I stand corrected; Sonya Cross, the female lead on this drama is BEYOND Interesting! And she and the story line have my full and undivided attention! A little background: "The Bridge" is set on a border between El Paso, Texas and Juarez and a gruesome discovery is revealed in what I called a serious gangster move by the killer(s)? in the pilot episode that aired July 10. Two detectives - one from El Paso, the other from Juarez - show up on the bridge where the victim was dumped. These two detectives, Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz clash from jump, but end up having to work together anyway. Cox and Ruiz have their own set of demons but Cross is so mysterious, you have to know what is under her skin. The additional cast include a drug addicted journalist played by Matthew Lillard in his best smart ass behavior. He was one of the killers in the first "Scream" movie which was a hilarious role. The dialogue for the show is English and Spanish with subtitles for the Spanish dialogue and you do not get lost in the translation. But you have to watch the entire episode, as, like "Scandal" any second or moment within the episode some secrets are revealed. The writing for "The Bridge" is excellent and smooth. I have to admit I do love a twisted drama and "The Bridge" is worth crossing. Tomorrow night is episode #5 but if you want to catch the first four episodes you can go to the official page for "The Bridge" on Facebook or watch FXnetworks.com. Here's a clip from FX's "The Bridge" from the official Facebook page.

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