Monday, June 17, 2013

MySpace(YES MySpace!)is the newest in social media ventures!

This morning I came across a blog from "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" producer Nikki Woods about MySpace; Nikki Woods ‏@nikkiwoods MYSPACE: DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK ... The blog talks about MySpace renewing itself in a global way that will benefit all people, especially aspiring musicians, artists,etc. After reading it, I reflected on how once upon a time I was 'spaced out' on MySpace. Remember when MySpace was the be all/end all of social media? I was definitely into it...a LOT into it. Pictures, journal like entries, telling people about myself. And, of course adding friends and meeting new people who shared the same interests as I. Then came Facebook. I did not discover it; in 2007, a friend of mine sent an invite as a way to expand our networks and promote her memoir, which I was co-writing. The memoir by the way is "Unflappable" and can be purchased at I was leery as to what Facebook was about and how it would help but knowing my friend would persist in having me accept the invite, I typed in my profile and became a "Face-bookie." And within moments, I had more than 20 requests from people asking for Facebook friends. Friends and family I knew and associated with offline, as well as friends/classmates/relatives I've not seen nor met, also requested my friendship. I began to like, then love Facebook. MySpace, meanwhile, was slowly but surely getting no more love from me. Hey, I was not the only heart breaker; some of my MySpace folks crossed to the other side too! Soon enough we gave Facebook all of our space and then we we were all atwitter for Twitter, chained into LinkedIn and being quick with Instagram. MySpace was left floating around on its own. Now, as explained in Miss Woods' morning blog entry, MySpace could be invited to join the social gangs again. Read her link and maybe, just maybe, we can put some room aside and let more space in. Now if I can just remember the password.