Friday, March 21, 2014

Is This the End(of Scandal)?

Last night, the patrons of Shondaland gasped in horror...or collected their waging bets when the whiny yet lovable James Novak was struck in the back while trying to run from B613's Command and DIY assassin Jake Ballard, answering last week's cliffhanger question, #WhoGotShot? We were given an episode of flashbacks in memory of James and witnessed his two-face husband Cyrus deal with the reality that he is the lowest of the low of marital spouse and yet we felt for him as he literally broke down better than Florida Evans.
In between the memorial - because something tells me next week's funeral is going to be short and sweet because Shonda does not have time to devote another hour about James when the season finale is April 17 - we witnessed more gunning down thanks to Mama Pope who is showing out, but not done yet.
Mellie got her groove back with former lover and Vice-President candidate Andrew Nichols. Huck and Quinn became Huckleberry Quinn in a way that will be FOREVER burned in my brain.
(I can't even put a picture of that moment on this blog. Shudders) Jake THREATENED Olivia when it was confirmed that he did all those bad things. This tops Quinn's threat to Olivia with the gun. Who really has the stronger grip on Liv? And will Fitz find out about the threat and handle Jake? Or tell Jake, 'do what you gotta do, bro!'
Oh and David is a bitch. Yep I'm mad that he survived. However, the title of this blog is, Is This the End of Scandal? I mean, the season finale is April 17, the eve before Good Friday and the kickoff to Easter weekend. So much has been happening so far, I wonder if Shonda's throwing hints. This season has to wrap up in a neat package, but we all know that's not happening. Plus the networks have announced the renewals of various shows. I've yet to hear if Scandal is returning for a fourth season. Shonda was interviewed last year and the subject matter was of course, Scandal. And she also answered that she knows when Scandal will end. Here is the link to that interview that you can copy and paste. 20131107_me_03.mp3 Either way, the remaining episodes of Season 3 will have us clutching pearls, throwing shoes and falling out with bottles of wine in our hands. And cursing Shonda Rhimes for making us fall hard for her monsters and murderers. And heading back to Scandal Rehab just before Easter. Lord knows we will need some cleansing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's been a while...again. BUT I HAVE A NEW NOVEL!!

Pulling up my blog, Freelancer's Funk and I notice the last time I posted a blog was in December. Like mid-December. I know, I know, PATHETIC. But hey, it's been pretty busy. OK, not so busy. A quick update on what's been going on. The date after my last post, I ended up with an infection in my left leg and on antibiotics for ten days. Thought it was all over, but the pain was unbearable. I went to the E.R. on New Year's Day(way to bring in 2014) and ended up admitted for three full days. Then I get released and the first of four, bipolar snowstorms and a Polar Vortex began. So recuperating and digging up the car and house through February took over my life. Thankful to God for all of the recuperation. Now on to a more important entry...
On March 3, my solo debut as an author happened! After tweaking on this seven-year-old manuscript, I finally decided to publish it myself. And that would not have happened if my sister had not sent me a link to a competition from Amazon. While I did not meet the contest deadline, I went on and checked out and decided to finish the manuscript and do the free publishing kit the site offered. I have received numerous congratulations and people have purchased a copy. "Dead Lies" is a crime drama regarding a newspaper correspondent who covers a murder but somehow gets deeper into the mystery of the murder than he cares to. Is it inspired by my work as a correspondent? Somewhat. Is it based on a true story? Totally fiction. I had a ball revising it and I hope you will support and buy copies for your enjoyment. Dead Lies by Miss Lisa D. DeNeal Link: