Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Hollywood Reporter's Roundtable at the Toronto International Film Festival and I Got an Answer to My Question For Jessica Chastain!

Imagine my surprise when an offline and Facebook friend tagged me in a video featuring actress Jessica Chastain, star of the new movie, "The Martian" with Matt Damon. This weekend is the Toronto International Film Festival, #TIFF and The Hollywood Reporter has set up a Fan Q&A where fans of movies and movie stars get to post questions for celebrities attending this event. If fans are lucky, they may get their questions answered from said celebrity via a video. I personally think this is a cool idea and a way to have moviegoers interact with celebrities, if only for a few seconds. to have it on video is a major plus. Chastain became a personal favorite due to two motion pictures I went to see; "Zero Dark Thirty" and "The Help." She has a pretty impressive list of accomplishments in the period of her young life - she's not even 40 yet -so I thought posting a question to her, as well as other celebrities, would not hurt. I've posted questions on threads before involving live talks with actors, including Oscar winner Kevin Costner, who also replied to my questions. It's not that I've never interviewed a work in freelancing has blessed me with many encounters over the last 20+ years. And even before I became a journalist, I've been blessed since childhood to 'rub shoulders' with some notable people who come into my hometown of Gary, In. And I personally know some Gary natives in the business - it goes beyond the Jackson family, trust me. So this is just a fan moment for me. No freelancing, just fun like the pre-journalism days. Here is the link to the video courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter and if you want to participate, visit their FB page. #THR, #TIFF #THRAtTIFF